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Vespa 98 - Faro Basso of the future?

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"Vespa 98" by Mightyseed concepts

"Gatlelijk" of "da héé wel iet". You decide :)

(sowieso nie te scheef mee hangen in de bochtjes precies...)


The front wears a bolder look than the original one with a modern handle. Same as original the front mudguard also houses the LED headlight. The single-seat scooter does not get any rear-view mirrors Instead; it has lidar placed at the rear give notification to the rider. The motor draws energy from a 30 Ah lithium-ion battery pack that’s located in the belly of the scooter. The hub motor wheel has a sportier look than the original version. A sloping tail lamp strip of the rear indicator unit gives a unique appearance to Vespa 98 Concept. There is a huge storage area available inside the belly, which makes the concept most suitable for the Holiday trip.








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On 12/14/2020 at 4:01 PM, nero said:

Leuke vespa met heel wat knipogen naar de oldies (voorophanging, carbu-klepje onder zadel, ronde waar vroeger de uitsparing zat voor de koeling, licht op spatbord,...)

Alleen een kickstart ontbreekt er nog.  :)

Groetjes, nero. 

Ja, tof ding! vet! Met respect voor het verleden 🙂 ...

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