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  1. interesting read! thanks!
  2. @sindo thanks...I have seen that one and that is a very good point that these Vespas were only assembled, never the less it is amazing that there are no records of what was offered to customer. I can not imagine that you were buying a Vespa based on - "I want one piece please to take away" ! No info on color, equipment... not a burning topic...just wondering up loud...
  3. again, inspirations...but not a single one that is referring to GL-A OG color...very strange...like this model was never made... luckily we know better. ..
  4. I saw plenty photos but no code, no brochure... :/
  5. Is there any reference about colors for GL-A MISA. I have asked mr.google but there are not much (if any)references for GL-A. Mine GL-A 1960 is now looking like a banana on two wheels...so I am thinking about going that direction and repaint it to one of OG colors...
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