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Antwerp-Sahara by Vespa

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Antwerp - Sahara (via Palermo-Tunis): the "how to"-guide

Check everything making sure nothing is loose and all is oiled

Pass by Danny in Koningshooikt for parts, a good talk and a tap on the shoulder full of almost blind trust in Vespa-technology (thx!)

Don't think too much and just leave

Be happy from the first few miles of travel and clear your teeth of flies once in a while


Over the French Alps in second gear (using the San Bernardo pass for example)


Use the monies otherwise spent on tunnel toll to drink and stare slightly philosophical over the mountain range. Don't think about being only half way.


Go over the Appenine mountains (just because the shortest road is seldom the most fun)


Cross 'la bella Italia' all the way to Palermo in Sicily and take a ferry to Tunis


Once in tunis go on South, don't forget to take a drinking bottle. They don't have beers.


Watch out for crossing camels (they're like Honda Dax's but softer to crash into)


"It's always straight", says the bedouïn. Just believe him...


Don't be embarrassed to ask for directions, if anyone is around that is.

If not, always straight on. (Its 9 out of 10 the road description you will get)


Respect local parking habits: camels left, Vespas right.


Miss the Belgian tarmac...


Don't get a visum for Algeria, so drive into the desert until you basically can't go any further (because the road stops). After thousands of miles and several weeks finally reach your end destination.


Realise for a brief moment what a lucky *** you are and how great our planet is.

See the most amazing sundawn of your life, with the soft ticking noise of a warm exhaust in the evening quiet of the desert.

In a technical nutshell:

9.700 km over land (Belgium - Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Tunisia - France)

8 weeks


1 PX125 T5

281 liters of gas (+3 tyres and a whole lotta Castrol)

46 Italian cappuccino's

1 little bit of trust in humanity

28 AA batteries for the MP3-player

Don't let anyone tell you something is too far to drive to on a Vespa. If you have time, gas and a spark from your spark plug, you are able to get anywhere! But time is the most important of course.

Grtz as well to Scooterboy+girl; cool meeting you guys at the Vespa Museum in Pontedera!

And to everyone still doubting to travel on a Vespa (in the Summer): just fill her up, take oil and goooo!

Greetings to all and enjoy a sunny Autumn!


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That's an amazing trip. You should send in your story and pictures to Scootering magazine in the UK. This makes my run to the British rally in Llandudno, Wales in May look easy! Do you or any other Belgian scooterists fancy joining me? I'm a British scooterist living in Brugge.


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